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Indians claim Nicaragua is “contaminated” by Mestizos and ask for “sanitation”

Nicaraguan Congressman Brooklyn Rivera, president of the Commission of Indian Affairs and African Descent of the National Assembly, said that 19 of the 21 indigenous territories that country are “contaminated” by Mestizo “colonists”, reports website The Nicaragua Dispatch.

He says that tensions between indigenous and Mestizos reached its peak after the death of Mayangna leader Charles Taylor, who was killed in confrontation with Mestizos, on April 24, in the Biosphere Reserve Bosawas. Taylor was commanding a group of 100 indigenous people who wanted to forcibly evict the Mestizos (the native people descendant from indigenous and Spanish).

According Rivera and other Mayangnas sources, the indigenous were arming themselves with rifles, axes and homemade weapons preparing for battle.

“This is a critical moment,” says Rivera. “The colonists are promoting violence and the indigenous people are mobilizing groups to defend their land. There could be more bloodshed and more death.”

Rivera, whose indigenous YATAMA party is allied of Sandinista Front party, in power, states that government institutions are inert, despite President Daniel Ortega have created last month a special commission to deal with the problem. On 2012, according to the same site, Reynaldo Francis, a leader of the Miskito indigenous group, said that “the Caribbean Coast has become contaminated by mestizos.”

The journal La Prensa reports that in May this year, leaders requested “saneamiento” (sanitation) of the territory – which means the expulsion of the Mestizo population.

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