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Nicaraguan Mestizo Leader says, “Here they kill and torture Mestizos”

Leader of the manifestation of Nicaraguan Mestizos said, “Here, they kill the Mestizos, torture them and no one says anything, and then, they go free, they go unpunished, but the people are tired.”

The Mestizo protesters settled on Monday a blockade on Susun, in the road Rosita-Puerto Cabezas, in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN). They released the blockade at night, in the expectation that a committee of the Nicaraguan government would come to negotiate.

Os manifestantes mestiços avisaram ao Procurador Geral da República, a quem acusan de haver mentido a eles em outras ocasiões, que não jogue com eles, porque estão cansados de tanto assédio pelos indígenas.

The Mestizo protesters warned the General Attorney of the Republic, who they accuse of having lied to them on other occasions, he do not play with them because they are tired of the harassment by the Indians.

“Here, they kill the Mestizos, torture them and no one says anything, and then, they go free, they go unpunished, but the people are tired”, warned Boniface Duarte Padilla, leader of the demonstration.

Demands of Mestizos

The leader of the protesters reaffirmed they ask the abolition of the Presidential Decree, for the right to take care of Mother Earth, and the legalization of their properties through a new agrarian reform. If the agreement is not achieved, will not be further mediation and and the road will continue closed.

They reiterated they have property title delivered by communal authorities of each indigenous sector, and even government officials, and of own Brooklyn Rivera, who now promotes the eviction, they accused.

“We are here because we are tired. There are thousands of families affected, we have documents on hand and we can demonstrate them”, he said.

Prefer to be dead to leave

They asked the National Police and the Army to do not cause them, because there are thousands of them in sectors like Sahsa, which claim to have ready some 7,000 people to strengthen the blockade.

He states that the country’s economy will be the main affected, because it is the sector that produces the basic grains, so that the market can desabastecer beans, rice and vegetables.

“We want to make clear that our two points on Saturday in dialogue table are the annulment of the decree and land titling. There will be no eviction, we prefer that kill us and bury it right there, but we will not come out ever”, he said, as protesters repeated slogans.


The police will be in Susun in the hopes of a negotiating committee of the Government. To do so, the police chief of the area there is committed to facilitate the meeting.

With informations from El Nuevo Diario, May 1, 2013.

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