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Indigenous Government defends expulsion of Mestizos in Nicaragua

A lawsuit against two Mestizos, initiated by the Mayangna Sauni As Indigenous Government  was celebrated by Indians who were outside the Judgeship of Bonanza, a municipality located in northeastern Nicaragua, while Mestizos kept a lock on Miranda community, towards Rosita -Bonanza, in favor of the release of both detainees and in order that the government release the land in the region to Mestizos work them.

On last February, Víctor Manuel Taleno, considered by authorities of the leftist government of President Daniel Ortega as the predator of the Bosawas reserve, was declared guilty of the crime of “usurpation of the public domain” by the court of Bonanza. Bosawas is an environmental reserve where indigenous people can inhabit, but which is forbidden for Mestizos. Besides Víctor Manuel, also was indicted Jose Lira Sanchez.

The legal plaintiff of the Indigenous Territorial Government asked the maximum penalty for both defendants.

During the trial, Gustavo Lino Sebastian, Vice President of the Mayangna Sauni Territorial Government said they constantly conduct patrols to prevent entry of “settlers” (Mestizos).

Capturing orders
The Indigenous Mayangna Sauni Territorial Government announced it will continue processing the “invaders” of what they consider their territory and requested arrest warrants for six people.

With information of El Nuevo Diário, February 08, 2013.

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