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To be mestizo or be nothing at all, that is the Bolivian census dilemma!! – Bolivian Thoughts

Los Tiempos reports about a serious and sensitive issue:

The draft of the Census ballot conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) is included in the question “To what nation do you belong?”, but excludes the category “mestizo” within the 36 Nations as a possible answer. Next to it, the issues of housing and limits are emerging as the axes of the debate towards the national census of population and housing which is expected to be in the country this year.

“Mestizo is not a nationality. Is not included on the ballot because it is not a nationality” said yesterday William Bazoberry, responsible for the direction of scientific and technological (Dicyt), after announcing that on 9 March seven institutions engaged in the research of social issues would begin a public debate in Cochabamba called “The route of the 2012 census”.

The objective of the workshop is to engage the institutions that “the distribution of income, project planning, rely on the information from the Census”, according to the rector of the University Mayor of San Simón (UMSS), Lucio Gonzalez.“mestizo”-en-boleta_163100_341479.html

When Bolivia came to life, after their successful independence war with Spain, there was no “trouble” nor prejudice to call out or seek for nations’ identities or any other form of interpretation. It is fairly an innovation from current government, they thought by “identifying” 36 nations, we could have a state like the USSR… well that is the argument for this so-called socialists of the 21st century feel it should be.

Most of the Bolivian population is a real and true reflection of what happened all over the world, there is basically no race that is pure… only people like Hitler thought about that sort of racism. I, like most Bolivians do feel strongly that we are mestizo, we may not be white or have blue/green eyes but we are not aymara, quechua nor lowlands indigenous people either. In fact, the Spaniards are among the conquerors in the world the ones who did actually mix with the indigenous people they conquered. Unlike most Anglo-Saxon to say the least. When you register in international organizations or you are applying for a job or a university, when you fill out those forms, we are recognized as either HIspanic or Latino, and that is exactly what mestizo stands for in our lovely Latin America.

Our upbringing, our genes, our education and beliefs are from the western civilization and therefore we deserve to be able to reflect that in the census, we do not want to erase the alternative for those who feel they belong to a certain “nation” but we feel the need to express, that. Otherwise, I will have to mark down in the census ballot that I am as white as my friend Kurt Schoen. I will not let current government to play with who I am.

To end this issue, for now, what is the fear of current government or those anthropologist to acknowledge who we are????

De Bolivian Thoughts, 08/03/2012.

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