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IDB finances racism against Bolivia’s Mestizo people

President Luis Arce together with Mauricio Claver-Carone, president of the IDB, which finances the census that excludes Mestizos. Photo: Twitter (Luis Arce)

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB, IADB or BID) made available to the Bolivian government 100 million dollars to carry out a census in the country, which will again exclude the Mestizo (mixed people) option. The current president, Luis Arce, is from the Movement for Socialism – MAS, the party of Evo Morales, who as president also prevented Mestizos from declaring themselves in the census. In 2012, the year in which former president Evo Morales excluded Mestizos from the census, the Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro (Brazilian Brown-Mestizo Movement – Mestizo Nation) and other Brazilian associations issued a note in support of Bolivian Mestizos and denying several statements by the government at the time. The IDB receives money from Brazil, but the Brazilian Constitution (art. 4, VIII) prohibits sponsoring racism abroad.

The Bolivian government stated this Wednesday, 13th, that the Population and Housing Census, scheduled to take place on November 16, will cost US$68 million and that the Mestizo category will not be included in the vote, because it would be a “setback” and would incur “discrimination”.

The affirmation, according to the newspaper El Deber, comes from the Minister of Planning, Gabriela Mendoza, who stated that 40 million will come from the Financial Fund for the Development of the La Plata Basin – FONPLATA, 26.4 million from the IDB (both international organizations) and 1, 6 million resources from the central level of the State, a statement confirmed by the government of Bolivia. FONPLATA also receives Brazilian money. In addition to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay are part of the agency.

Without presenting documents, the minister, speaking in front of a flag that symbolizes the Amerindian race and in front of the flag of Bolivia in a press conference, attributed to a UN “pronouncement” not including the Mestizo option in the census because it would be a “human race” and that the question bank would meet the parameters and consistency required by foreign bodies:

“On the mestizo, there is a pronouncement from the United Nations, from many years ago, which does not include typologies of the human race, therefore, it would be a setback and would be a totally discriminatory characteristic, so it is important to disclose this information to the population”, said the minister.

She underlined that carrying out the national inquiry is the private competence of the “central level”.

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