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Police against Mestizos in racial conference

The II State Conference on Policies for Promotion Racial Equality, in Manaus, Brazil, closed up yesterday (May 9, 2009). By many operations, the allies of the Special Secretariat for the Promotion of Policies on Racial Equality of the Presidency (SEPPIR) got all vacancies for the National Conference. When would be initiated the discussion on the proposals, the police made a line separating the Black movement and the Mestizo movement. See photos below taken by a cell.

There was even a police officer with a military stripe on the arm where it was written ‘kennel’ (the car had a kennel outside the rectory of the University of the State of Amazonas, where the conference was taking place).

On the first day (07/05), the interim minister of the Special Secretariat for the Promotion of Policies on Racial Equality of the Presidency (SEPPIR), Eloi Ferreira, gave comments on the ‘caboclo’ who led the protests of many of the present people; the minister withdrew from the auditorium. The next day, they canceled the credentials of delegates, which reduced the number of the Mestizo representatives in the conference and increased the Black representation.

The “quilombolas” and other people of the Black movement, some of them known activists of the Party of the Workers (PT – Partido dos Trabalhadores) and the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB – Partido Comunista do Brasil), voted against proposals that included the word ‘mestizo’ and ‘caboclo’ (mestizo Native  of Indigenous + White origin).

In the proposals that came from the conference of the city of Manaus, which included the word ‘caboclo’, they voted for the removal of the word. As the conference was very prolonged and their delegates should be weary, they agreed the vote on the proposals would be set in block, ie, all or nothing. The block of the proposals of the Group of Social Control, which had majority of Mestizos, came with various proposals quoting the word ‘mestizo’, ‘caboclo’; they voted against the entire block, so that the Final Report of the Conference will have no group Social Control. This was the only block that was not approved.

Black movements will send representatives to the National Conference; but not Mestizos because for President Lula’s government there is not Mestizos.

They also approved a motion against the Mestizo movement and the law of the intitution of the Mestizo Day (June 27).

Some people do not bore the constraints and discrimination against Mestizos and withdrew from the event.

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