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Demarcation of “Indian territories” threatens the lands of the Caboclos

The National Indian Foundation (Fundação Nacional do Índio – FUNAI) issued last July 27 a decree (see here) that constituted a “Technical Group in order to hold a further step of the additional studies of ethno-historical, anthropological and environmental nature required to identify and delineate areas of Indigenous traditional occupation” in areas of the municipalities of Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro.

The website of the Social-Environmental Institute (Instituto Sócio-Ambiental – ISA), an organization that includes itself – beside the Horizont3000 of Austria and the Rainforest Foundation of Norway – between the “traditional supporters of the Indigenous movement of the Rio Negro”, reported that between the November 15th and 19th a meeting of an Indigenous federation was held in Barcelos and that the choice of this municipality “aimed to strengthen the associations and communities of the Middle Rio Negro, between the municipalities of Barcelos and Santa Isabel, as it is in the process of recognition of Indigenous rights and territorial planning of that stretch of the river” [“teve como objetivo fortalecer as associações e comunidades do Médio Rio Negro, entre os municípios de Santa Isabel e Barcelos, uma vez que está em curso o processo de reconhecimento dos direitos indígenas e o ordenamento territorial desse trecho do rio”].

Against the demarcation and in defense of Mestizos

The Mestizo Nation (Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro – Nação Mestiça) and the Association of the Caboclos and Riverines of the Amazonia (Associação dos Caboclos e Ribeirinhos da Amazônia – ACRA) position themselves against the demarcation of the new “Indian territories” in the State of Amazon and against the expulsion of Mestizos, mostly formed by Caboclos (Native Mestizos of Indigenous and Whites), from the lands they live. They also denounced the policy of ethnic cleansing against Mestizos promoted by the Brazilian federal government and the violation of their original rights.

A new ethnic cleansing against Caboclos


Barcelos is a city of the State of Amazonas and the second largest landmass of Brazil (the first is Altamira, Pará). Its area equals more than 50% of the State of Roraima (Barcelos: 123,120 km2; Roraima: 224,298 km2), with which it borders. Barcelos was the first capital of the State of Amazonas.


Santa Isabel do Rio Negro has an area of 63,127 km2 and borders Barcelos and São Gabriel da Cachoeira, this a city almost totally occupied by Indian territory. In Santa Isabel do Rio Negro is located the Pico da Neblina and the Pico 31 de Março, the two highest points of the Brazil.

More than one third of the territory of the State of Amazon is already occupied by Indian territories.

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