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In Amazon: Nação Mestiça and other entities issue note of repudiation of “Synod of Amazon” held in Vatican


The MOVIMENTO PARDO-MESTIÇO BRASILEIRO – NAÇÃO MESTIÇA (BRAZILIAN BROWN-MESTIZO MOVEMENT – MESTIZO NATION), the ASSOCIAÇÃO DOS CABOCLOS E RIBEIRINHOS DA AMAZÔNIA – ACRA (ASSOCIATION OF CABOCLOS AND RIVERSIDERS OF THE AMAZONIA – ACRA), the FÓRUM NACIONAL DO MESTIÇO – FNM (NATIONAL MESTIZO FORUM – FNM), the ORGANIZAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE AFRODESCENDENTES – OBÁ (BRAZILIAN AFRODESCENDENT ORGANIZATION – OBÁ) express their repudiation of so called “Synod of Amazon”, event carried out in the Vatican State which aims, among others, to deepen the policy of racial and ethnic segregation undertaken by this European State in the Amazon, a markedly racist, anti-Mestizo, Apartheid, supremacist, globalist and ethnocidal policy.

1. Racist.
This policy is grounded in a vision that has persisted for centuries between members of the European and Eurodescendant clergy in America, a possibly minority but influential view, contrary to integration, the miscegenation of races and the fusion of ethnicities, a process that gave rise to the Mestizo People of Brazil and other Mestizo ethnicities in other countries of the Amazon and, similarly, in the world.

2. Anti-Mestizo.
In keeping with the racial and ethnic policy that the MESTIZO NATION, ACRA, OBÁ and other organizations already denounced in 2007 in the ‘Open Letter of the Public Policy Mestizo Forum to the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB)’, the Synod “of” Amazon presents a fictional Amazon, made up of Amerindians and without Mestizos, the absolute majority of the population, a fiction that aims to make reality through the erasure of the Brazilian Mestizo People and the Mestizo people of other Amazonian countries.

3. Apartheid.
For this purpose, organizations such as the CNBB and CIMI, with the support of the Vatican State, have promoted indigenist Apartheid in the Amazon, which is founded on exclusive racial territories and ethnic cleansing of populations of the Brazilian Mestizo People. A version of South African Apartheid, a regime that sought to disguise its goal of preserving racial differences and hierarchies under the cloak of preserving ethnic differences.

4. Supremacist.
Christianity has often been used to cater to the interests of European powers, from the Roman Empire, passing, in the Modern Age, the permission of His Holiness, Pope Nicholas V, to enslave blacks, to the European Union’s current multiculturalist and globalist agenda, which this Synod “of” Amazon convened by His Holiness, Pope Francis, serves as an instrument.

5. Globalist.
Globalist organizations, notably neoliberal and communist, aiming to pulverize identities and liquidate national sovereignties in Latin America, promote racial segregation and hatred of miscegenation and mestization in a region of the world where national identities, unities and sovereignties are originated and grounded in mestization, a process started in the miscegenation between Amerindians and Europeans, giving rise to the Mestizo that currently constitutes the largest ethnic group in the Amazon and also current target of ethnic cleansing and ethnocide promoted by the indigenist ideology that drives the Synod “of” Amazon.

6. Ethnocidal.
In the Brazilian Amazon, this ideology implies “transform” Mestizos into Amerindians. One form of “sensitization” comes from the fear of ethnic cleansing against Mestizos for the creation of exclusive racial territories for Amerindians and Blacks – a method supported by the Vatican State under the label of ‘appreciation of diversity’.

The Synod “of” the Amazon is thus another sad example of the use of the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church to serve the political and economic interests that parasitize the religiosity, feelings, good faith and ignorance of millions of people, especially those who live far from the Amazon. It is also an opportunity to remember the silenced genocides of the Mestizo peoples of America and other continents.

It is our hope that, by avoiding persisting in this policy of racial and ethnic segregation, His Holiness, Pope Francis, will also prevent other popes from having to apologize in the future to the Brazilian Mestizo People and to the Mestizo peoples of other Amazonian countries for damage and suffering that they can no longer correct.

Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil, October 7, 2019.





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