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Leftist white Europeans publish note defending ethnic cleansing against Mestizos in Brazil

The note defends the policy of indianstans, exclusive territories for self-declared Amerindians created to avoid racial mixing and that have already caused the ethnic cleansing of millions of Brazilian Coloureds, referred in the note as “local communities”:

“We urge the EU to make trade negotiations with Brazil conditional on: (i) upholding the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; (ii) improving procedures to trace commodities associated with deforestation and Indigenous rights conflicts; and (iii) consulting with, and gaining consent from, Indigenous Peoples and local communities to define strict social and environmental criteria for traded commodities.”

About 13% of the territory of Brazil is already occupied by indianstans. Although also native, the Mestizo People, created by the original Amerindians, are expelled for the creation of areas of racial exclusivity. Germany, Norway, Vatican and other countries and NGOs of the European Union are among the main promoters and financiers of indigenist Apartheid in Brazil.

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