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“BRAZILIAN COLOUREDS ARE ALL BAD-CHARACTER”, affirms Secretary of Tourism of Santos

Audio is more a demonstration of the specific racism against mixed people and that only when the agent is white usually have repercussion in the mainstream media.

Adilson Durante Filho (Social Democratic Party, Partido Social Democrático – PSD) has made racist statements against pardos (a word used in Brazil to refer to mixed people in general, but also specifically to Mestizos of dark skin) on recorded audio for Whatsapp’s friends:

“Oh, Caco, [I’ll] tell you something. We’re among friends here, okay? Whenever there is a Coloured… What is the Coloured? It is not that negrão [big negro], nor it is that branquinho [little white]. It’s  the moreninho [little dark-skinned one] of his color. These guys, you have to distrust everyone, all that you know. This color is a mixture of a race that has no character. True, this is study. Every Coloured, every mulatto you have to watch out for. Not a mulatto type Pedro; Pedro is kind of an Amerindian, a Chilean type, these fuckers. I’m telling the Brazilian mulatto, understand? Brazilian Coloureds are all bad-character, do not have one that is not. “

Manifestations of racism against Brazilian Coloureds are frequent, but only from whites tend to have repercussions.

During the March of the Negro Consciousness, held in São Paulo city, on November 20, 2017, negro demonstrators paraded holding a banner with the phrase “MISCIGENATION ALSO IS GENOCIDE!” The Brazilian Pardo-Mestizo Movement (Nação Mestiça) denounced to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) but no one was punished and there was no response from the agency to the organization.

On August 5, 2015, at the Secretary of State for Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (SEJUSC) of State of Amazonas, a person who identified herself as an Amerindian woman says:

“An Amerindian of shame in his face will never be Mestizo, because Mestizo is not a race. Mestizo does not exist. “

The Nação Mestiça also denounced the fact to the Civil Police of State of Amazonas and to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but also nobody was punished and there was not even a response of the organ to the organization.

On November 26, 2007, Deputy Vicentinho (Workers’ Party, Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) declared from the tribune of the Chamber of Deputies:

“I am not a mulatto because I am not a mule, I am not a pardal [sparrow]  because I am not pardo [Coloured].”

There was no repercussion in the mainstream media or any protests or criticisms by parliamentarians.

After claiming to be a mulatto during a speech in the Federal Senate, on December 18, 2008, the general secretary of the Brazilian Pardo-Mestizo Movement, Leão Alves, was called son of a mule by militants of negro movements. The then Senator Marco Maciel who presided over the hearing remained silent, despite the then Senator Demóstenes Torres highlighting the racist character of the demonstration:

“He declared himself a mulatto, and someone from the bottom shouted, ‘Son of a mule!’ This is what? It’s racism. This is something deplorable.”

Specific racism against Mestizos have existed since the colonial period. In Black and Mulatto Brotherhoods in Colonial Brazil: A Study in Collective Behavior, by AJR RUSSELL-WOOD, it is recorded that while whites were considered honest, hardworking and God-fearing, mulattoes – not blacks – general, as bearers of attributes such as laziness, dishonesty, cunning, arrogance, lack of reliability.

Adilson Durante Filho is Secretary of Tourism of the municipality of Santos, in the State of São Paulo, and was advisor of Santos Futebol Clube, team to which Pelé belonged and hundreds of mulatto players, a post he resigned after the public release of the recording.

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