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Portugal. The Man opens show with demonstration in favor of the indigenist Apartheid

The band Portugal. The Man performed on the first day of the Lollapalooza festival in São Paulo, Brazil. At the beginning of the presentation he gave the microphone to supposed Amerindians who asked for more exclusive territories and lamented the “genocide” – a word that in the indigenist dictionary also includes mestization.

The indigenist Apartheid, which always involves the expulsion of Mestizos residing where they want to create “Indianstans”, has often been promoted in events of the type by white rockers accompanied by Amerindians.

Leão Alves, former president of the Nação Mestiça, sent messages through the Tweeter to the band:

“Tell this band @portugaltheman that Portugal and original Indians encouraged mestization and that these indigenists are defending Apartheid and ethnic cleansing against us Mestizos because they are against mestization and the right of us Mestizos on the lands of our Indian ancestors.”

“Tell this band @portugaltheman that it is promoting racism against Mestizos because indigenism hates mix of races and we Mestizos are the first victims of racial segregation promoted by indigenist racism.”

“Tell this band @portugaltheman that indigenism is backed up by white racist tycoons who prefer racial segregation to race mix and that thousands of extremely poor Mestizo families have been ruthlessly expelled by indigenists for years.”

The band responded: “You’re wrong”.

Despite the name, the group is not Portuguese, it is from the USA.

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