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Negrism in Brazil: Filed nomination of Mestizo delegates in the Racial Equality Council of the Amazonas and Statute bill

It was filed the bill to create the Racial Equality Statute of the State of Amazonas and the nomination of the delegates elected to the State Council for Racial Equality. The measures are aimed at preventing Mestizos from being members of the council and that there is no reference to Mestizos in the Statute.

Negrist groups and the Workers’ Party (in Portuguese, Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) oppose public policies for Mestizos and defend the imposition on mixed peoples of classification as negros. Negrism argues that being negro is more important than being Mestizo and seeks to prevent pardos (mixed people), including those who do not descend from blacks, from being recognized as their own identity.

In a Circular Letter (in Portuguese), the Department of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (SEJUSC), of the Wilson Lima’s government, of the Social Christian Party (Partido Social Cristão – PSC), said that a commission would be drafting a new Statute and Announcement.

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