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Temer bars entry of Mestizos in the Brazilian National Council of Racial Equality

CNPIR meeting.

The Temer government published the Ordinace and Edital of the election of civil society representatives to the National Council for the Promotion of Racial Equality (CNPIR), attached to the Ministry of Justice. There are places reserved for the representation of Amerindians, Arabs, Gypsies, Jews, Workers, Terreiro Communities, Negro Youth, Negro Women, Quilombolas, Negro Gay and Lesbian.

Maintaining the racial politics against miscegenation of the Workers’ Party (PT) governments, the administration of the white president Michel Temer (Brazilian Democratic Movement party – MDB) did not reserve places for the representation of the Mestizo People.

Currently chaired by the National Secretary of SEPPIR, Juvenal Araújo (Tucanafro/Brazilian Social Democracy Party – PSDB), the Council is composed of Federal Public Authorities, civil society entities and “notorious-knowledge” advisers appointed by the Minister of Human Rights, Gustavo Rocha.

The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the National Human Rights Council, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the European Parliament and the United Nations did not express opposition to the exclusion of Mestizos. There were also no notes or protests from leftist groups classifying discrimination against Mestizos as racist as it usually occurs when Amerindians and blacks are excluded.

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