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Mestizos protest against ‘ethnic cleansing’ in front of Federal Public Ministry’s office in Brazil

“No discrimination against the Mestizo People, not the demarcation of their lands by FUNAI”, says the text. FUNAI is the office of the Brazilian Government that creates exclusive territories for Indians.

The attempt of ethnic cleansing against the Mestizos of the municipality of Careiro da Várzea generated a demonstration in Manaus, on Tuesday (25) in the morning, in front of the headquarters of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), in the district of Aleixo.

Mestizos of the municipalities Careiro da Várzea, Autazes, Iranduba and Manaus protested against the attempt by the Federal Government, MPF and indigenist NGOs to expand bantustans (“indiostões”, exclusive territories for Amerindians) in territories of Mestizo People already recognized by municipal laws.

The protest was triggered by the expulsion of Alan Galdino, a Mestizo, from a plot located in Careiro da Várzea, in an area where the indigenists intend to create the Indianstan Ponciano, which would also reach the mestizo territory of Autazes.

The president of the Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro (Nação Mestiça), Helda Castro, pointed out that the Mestizos are native and that the territory has already been recognized by law.

The secretary general of the Mestizo association, Leão Alves, denounced as racist trying to create exclusive territories for Amerindians to avoid miscegenation.

After protesting in front of the MPF, demonstrators crossed the street and headed to the front of the Federal Justice building, where the Mestizo case is being tried, and continued to report discrimination against the Mestizos, awaiting an audience with Judge Jaíza Fraxe, which is with the action.

Translated from Portal do Zacarias, with additions.

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