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Brazilian government publish order that difficult mixed people to compete for racial quotas in the public service

White President Michel Temer. Negrism was idealized and turned into law by leftist white politicians.

Brazilian Federal Government order establishes that racially mixed people must be submitted to a commission with the power to decide whether they are “negro” or not, if they compete for quotas in the federal public administration. Negrism is against pardos (the term used in the Brazilian official censuses to refer to Mestizos) be free and have their own Mestizo identity and demands that they must be considered “negros.” When pardos, however, seek benefits for “negros“, Negrist activists create obstacles and pardos suffer exclusions and even threats from lawsuits.

The Ministry of Planning published on Tuesday (10), in the Official Gazette, Regulatory Ordinance No. 4, dated April 6, 2018, which “regulates the procedure of complementary heteroidentification to the self-declaration of negro candidates, in order to vacancies reserved in federal public tenders, under the terms of Law no. 12.990, of June 9, 2014.”

The ordinance creates a “committee of heteroidentification” formed by people “who have participated in a workshop on the theme of the promotion of racial equality” carried out by SEPPIR, the body responsible for the negrist and anti-Mestizo politics of the Federal Government.

Law No. 12,990, dated June 9, 2014, establishes that may compete for vacancies reserved for “negro” candidates those who “declare themselves preto [black] or pardo in the act of entering the public contest according to the color or race question used by the Foundation Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE.”

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