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MTV attacks Latin American mestization

MTV Decoder.

MTV Decoder program extravasates prejudice and revolt against Latin American mestizos because black is black, brown is brown, and truckler is truckler.

“Why would black people in Brazil get upset about a black woman winning a beauty contest?” Accuses activist Franchesca Ramsey, presenter of the MTV Decoder program.

With a sincerity worthy of former President Barack ‘Curette’ Obama crying over murdered children, the black movement activist stresses: “Today we’re talking about a mode of discrimination that predominantly impacts people of color and you might be surprised hearing this from me, but this episode’s not about racism. I’m talking about ‘colorism’.”

“Colorism is not synonymous with racism,” he reassures, and then seated the club, “It’s a form of discrimination based on skin color.”

Until then the viewer could be in the doubt if discriminating people by the color of the skin would not be racism for the activists of the (trans)black movements of the USA.

“And before you’re like, wait, isn’t that like the literal definition of racism? Hold on to your social constructs because we’re going to knock a few down,” said the ‘Anglo-Saxon of color’ passing the staff to a ‘Latin of Color’ specially invited to help her demolition project against the mestizos.

Sepoys, Uncle Thomas, with the money from the Soros of life, people who negotiate identity became very common. Here in Brazil this type of people is known as “capitão do mato” (captain of the bush), the hunter of escaped slaves, many of them as mestizo or black as the fugitives.

“Because we all think of race with skin color sometimes distinguishing between colorism and racism can get tricky, particularly in Latin American communities,” comments the “Latinx”.

For himx (or herx?) the Spanish settlers adopted gender ideology, introduced racism in the continent and mestizo is race.

The stick is sent first against the Puerto Rican mestizos, who would “pass” to whites but not to black.

Then it is the turn of the Brazilians: hex (or shex?) accuse the “blacks” of being racist against a Globeleza because she is darker than the previous ones. For record: Globo’s dancer was formerly called Mulata Globeleza, but this mulatto word was expelled from the transblack newspeak.

Mestization is an obstacle to the globalist project in Latin America, since homogenization hinders the implementation of multiculturalism. Associating mestizaje with racism and classifying mestizos as black or negro are media used by multiculturalists. US and the European Union groups are the main radiators.

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