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Negro racism against mulattos

In 2008, I participated as a speaker of a public hearing in the Brazilian Senate representing the Nação Mestiça. The audience theme was racial quotas. Most opponents of racial quotas argued that they were against meritocracy and the equal rights that should exist among all citizens. I emphasized, however, an aspect not very much addressed in the media that opposes quotas: that they aimed not to correct the sequelae of racism or to combat racism, but rather they had a racist purpose, since they aimed to erase the Mestizos and make them identified as blacks.

At the end of my talk, I emphasized that I was a mulatto, what led that the militancy of the “negro movements” (formed possibly in its entirety by transblacks militants fulfilling the agenda of their parties) in choir began to label me a mule.

The then senator Demóstenes Torres highlighted the racism of the demonstration. If it had been against Indians or negroes someone might have been arrested, but offending Mestizos in Brazil was unfortunately tolerated by the arrival of multiculturalists in power, and Session chairman and ex-president of Republic, Senator Marco Maciel, preferred nothing to do.

Leão Alves is former president of Nação Mestiça.

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