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Leftist party presents bills to punish browns who seek racial quotas for “negros”

Workers’ Party Rep. Chico D’Angelo.

The Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT, in Portuguese) is a white and “negro” party against miscegenation. It promotes the division of the Brazilian Nation in races and ethnic groups, following its globalist agenda backed by the European Union, UN and multiculturalist, neoliberal NGOs. To this end, the Marxist party created the Statute of Racial Equality, a law which imposes on the pardos (browns, Mestizos) the “negro” identity. Taking forward its policy of discrimination against Mestizos, the PT presented bills that punishes pardos seeking the benefits in the statute for “negros” and demands that pardos prove they come from blacks.

The objectives of the Workers’ Party

Workers’ Party Bill 6573/2016, presented by the white Federal Deputy Chico D’Angelo (PT-Rio de Janeiro), includes a letter to item IV of art. 1 of Law 12288/2010, the Statute of Racial Equality, which is also authored by the PT.

This section of the Statute of Racial Equality establishes:

“IV – negro population: the set of people who declared themselves black and pardo, according to the color or race question used by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), or who adopt an analogous self-definition.”

The paragraph meets several goals of the PT: 1. officially eliminate the Mestizo People; 2. not give the Mestizo People rights; 3. transfer the representation of the Mestizo People to communist and neoliberal negro movements.

It happens that by imposing black identity on pardos, including those who do not identify themselves as “negro” and those who do not descend from blacks, any brown (who according to the IBGE is any racially mixed person, regardless of racial appearance or origin) may require the right to “affirmative action” and other benefits, even those that do not identify themselves as “negro.”

This goes against another goal of the PT, which is to facilitate access to the faculties of people ideologically identified as “negro”, leftist, globalist and hostile to miscegenation persons, and thus broaden their academic political influence.

To “correct” this, the new bill proposes to include these two lines to subsection IV of the Statute of Racial Equality:

“(A) For affirmative action purposes, the self-declaration shall be supplemented by a public document of the person in which race/color and/or hyposcendence appear (including public document attesting race/color of black or pardo parent).

“B) for affirmative action, in the case of proven fraud, a pecuniary fine is established without prejudice to the penalties provided for in other legal provisions.”

And closing with the “golden key”, the fines applied to the “disapproved” pardos will be applied for the promotion of the racial anti-Mestizo ideology of PT:

“Sole paragraph: The proceeds from the pecuniary fine shall be used in the financing of ethnic-racial educational actions.”

Workers’ Party Rep. Benedita da Silva.

Another bill:  20% vacancies for “negros” in the Chamber of Deputies and punishment for mestizos

In addition to this, another PT project, 4802/16, presented by the “negro” Federal Deputy Benedita da Silva (PT-Rio de Janeiro) reaffirms the imposition of “negro” identity to Mestizos while establishing penalties aimed at inhibiting pardos from competing for benefits of affirmative action laws.

The bill intends to reserve 20% of the vacancies offered in public competitions to fill effective positions in the Chamber of Deputies, postgraduate courses in federal institutions of higher education linked to the Ministry of Education and requires that Mestizos (pardos in the text of the project) identify themselves as “negros” and may suffer punishment if they are not accepted as black.

The proposal also reserves, through the same process, 20% of vacancies offered in outsourcing contracts and public tenders to fill effective positions within the Chamber of Deputies.

This reserve shall be expressly included in the bidding documents and public tenders, and the total number of vacancies corresponding to the reserve shall be specified for each public position or employment offered.

If there are no candidates considered “negro” by the commission and approved, the vacancies included in the reserve will be reverted to the wide competition and will be filled by the other approved candidates, observing the order of classification.

“Negroing” the pardos when convenient

The project also requires the presence of at least one model considered “negro” by the commission in the elaboration of publicity campaigns of the public administration (federal, state and municipal). Besides the presence, the text requires that the considered “negro” has “an affirmative role, in advertising pieces with more than one model”.

In justifying the proposal, Rep. Benedita da Silva states that Brazil would have a mostly “negro” population and, therefore, there would be a need for affirmative action.

To increase the “negro” population, the negrists automatically include all self-declared blacks and pardos, but, as in the project, when they create quota laws they establish commissions, usually composed of leftist activists and negrists, to exclude Mestizo candidates by no objective criteria.

Punishment for pardos candidates

Pardos can only compete if they declare themselves “negros” and can be excluded and processed. Combating miscegenation is part of the PT’s multiculturalist and globalist ideology, supported by leftist and neo-liberal organizations of the UN, European Union, US and local, which aims to undermine Brazil’s Mestizo national identity to racially and ethnically fragment it.

Those who declare themselves to be black or brown, according to the color or race question used by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), may submit themselves to the vacancies, but must submit, in accordance with the proposal, an “administrative verification procedure suspected falsehood in self-declaration “.

If the declaration of the pardo is considered false, the candidate will be eliminated from the selection process and, if approved, will be subject to the annulment of its approval, after an administrative process in which the adversary and the “ample defense” are assured to him, and may suffer other punishments.

Currently, the Law 12.990/14 ensures to “negros” 20% of the vacancies offered in public tenders of the federal public administration, municipalities, public foundations, public companies and mixed-economy companies controlled by the Federal Government.


The PT project is working together with another similar project (PL 1866/99), by Luiz Salomão (PDT-RJ). Both are awaiting the appointment of rapporteur in the Human Rights and Minorities Commission, currently with president, 1st and 2nd vice-presidents of the PT.

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