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UN and UK want to bribe governments of Latin and Asian countries to receive Islamic invaders

Muslim parade in London defending the imposition of Islamic law in the United Kingdom (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The prime minister’s goal is to finance the infrastructure to resettle the thousands of immigrants who are in Europe

The United Kingdom announced on Friday that it will pay for immigrants to leave Europe and settle in Latin America and Asia. The proposal was presented by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, during the European summit in Malta. According to information from UN refugee services, Brazil would be one of the countries chosen to resettle some of these immigrants.

The British government would be willing to put 30 million pounds sterling into a fund to promote the relocation of these immigrants – mostly white Muslims – to other regions, as well as those in makeshift camps at the doors of the block, unable to enter. Part of the money will still be used to improve immigrant camps in southern Europe. In places like Serbia, Greece and Hungary, thousands of invaders face the European winter.

The goal of the program is to put money at the disposal of the UN to bribe governments from countries outside Europe that are interested in receiving these refugees. The program already exists. But May’s move was seen as a sign that London could privilege this path as a way to help “solve” the continent’s immigrant crisis.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees communication service confirmed that the package announced by May would go to a fund that has been managed by the entity in Geneva. The UN is talking to about 30 countries to accept the invaders. In Latin America, four countries are part of the project: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

According to the UN, Brazil has not received any immigrants in resettlement programs since 2015, under the justification it was reviewing its capacity. During this period, the government granted visas to Syrians.

The Workers’ Party leasing Brazil

Brazil, under Dilma Rousseff’s (Workers’ Party – PT) government, offered a pact to Germany, according to which Brasilia would be willing to receive a larger number of “refugees”, provided that its resettlement programs were financially supported by Europeans. Meetings took place preliminarily between the two governments. But the project stopped after Michel Temer took over the government.

According to the May government, about £ 2.5 million could go into a UN-centralized program in which Europe would “help” countries in Latin America or Asia “to have the infrastructure to resettle refugees.” Part of the money would also be used to help immigrants return home. Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt would be some of the beneficiaries.

As a result, Europe would reduce its long list of people wishing to enter Europe. But May’s proposal, already criticized for his alliance with Donald Trump, promises to stir up controversy among human rights groups in Europe because of the number of immigrants that large countries such as the UK or France have agreed to receive from Turkey and Greece, down by leftist groups aligned with Islamist governments seeking to expand Islam to the West by promoting illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, a bill by deputy Aloysio Nunes (Brazilian Social Democracy Party – PSDB) facilitates immigration to the country, including criminals, and represses opposing expressions by Brazilian nationals.

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