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European Parliament presses for racial segregation in Brazil

Martin Schulz, president of European Parliament.

Martin Schulz, president of European Parliament.

Resolution of the European Parliament wants the creation of an Indian bantustan in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul and expulsion of the Mestizo population. Communist and neo-liberal whites have institutionalized indigenist apartheid in Brazil to combat miscegenation and promote globalization.

The European Parliament (EP), chaired by the German Social Democrat Martin Schulz, passed a resolution urging the Brazilian authorities to create a bantustan (racial and ethnic exclusive territory) for Indians in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Introduced into the Brazilian Constitution by the pressure of indigenist, communist and neo-liberal whites (many of them immigrant anthropologists or descendants of European immigrants), the Bantustans have the purpose of preventing racial miscegenation between Indians and non-Indians. The indigenists are multiculturalist, with manifestations of hatred against mestization.

Although natives and descendants of the original Indians, the Mestizo people are also expelled from the Bantustans because the millionaire white indigenist lobby is opposed to recognizing their original right to the territories where their Indian ancestors once inhabited. In the resolution – approved in the context of debates on human rights held on Thursdays – it is highlighted that the Brazilian Constitution recognizes the original right of Indian peoples to their ancestral territories.

In order not to be expelled and to fall into misery, attracted by economic promises, pressured by indigenist organizations and intimidated by the relentless state structure implanted by the powerful lobby of white indigenists, many Mestizos choose to identify themselves as Indians.

“It is the duty of the State to regulate and protect this right,” stresses the EP resolution, defending measures to repress reactions to the expansion of the Bantustans.

Regarding land tenure, the EP called on Brasilia to develop a work plan to give priority to the completion of the demarcation of all the bantustan claimed by the indigenistas.

The EP went further and stepping on Brazilian sovereignty expressed its “concern” about a proposed amendment to the Constitution to which white indigenists in Brazil are fiercely opposed.

This week, indigenist supremacists demonstrated in Brasilia to protest against some of the measures studied by the Government of the President, Michel Temer. On Thursday, some tried to forcibly join an annex of the House of Representatives, but were stopped by the police.

Among the claims of the indigenists are larger budgets for the bantustans and the acceleration of expulsions of mestizos, whites, blacks and other non-Indians.

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