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US TV channel campaigns against mulattos in Brazil

The History Channel is conducting a campaign in Brazil for mulattos not identify themselves as mulattos. At the Twitter of Canal History Brasil, the local edition of US-based channel, is ordered the readers to delete the term mulatto from theis vocabulary. Combating the use of words that mean mestization aims to make Mestizos to identify themselves as ‘negros’, a fact that has been denounced by Nação Mestiça. The Practice has not been suppressed by the Brazilian prosecution office.

Promote the assimilation of mulattoes and other Mestizo population in the “negro” population is one of the flags of left-wing groups and neo-liberal in Brazil and other Latin American countries, including communist negro movements and foundations of globalist white magnates. During the Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) governments, that was an official policy and even a law  (the Racial Equality Statute) was adopted to enforce all ‘pardos’ (Mestizos), including those not black descends, the classification as ‘negros’, a word that was used by the slave traders to refer to their Indian and black slaves.

While there is no doubt about the original meaning of the word ‘negro’ and is uncertain of the mulatto word, the channel of “history” does not skimp on prejudice and dick: “‘Mulatto’ refers to puppy of horse with donkey or white with the negro. Delete it out of your vocabulary.”

Mulato is the Mestizo son of black with white and their descendants. ‘Preto’ (black) is the not offensive term historically used in Portuguese-speaking countries to refer to native black populations in sub-Saharan Africa and their not mestizo descendants.

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