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The BBI Identity Conference – review – Boure


Roving reporter, serial blogger and possibly one of Cape Town’s finest female exports, member ‘Boure‘ was at the BBI Identity Conference in Riverlea held on 6 June 2009. For those that were unable to make it, she gives us a blow-by-blow, unbiased account of what she experienced at the conference. I’m confident that these meetings will improve in not only attendance, but will culminate in real, workable plans to help improve the state of our communities. – Ed.

I arrived a couple of minutes late, little lady Lela (my daughter) was particularly testy and I wanted to blow dry my hair…because I am worth it! And because mens se hare is mos belangrik, after all I was going to the Bruin Belange Initiatief meeting and chances are there would be a lot of bruin mense there.
I thought it was more a meeting than a conference.  Let me tell you why.

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