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Bolivian Mestizos impose a defeat on indigenist racism

The number of people who identify themselves as Amerindians in Bolivia decreased, despite the indigenist government of Evo Morales have deleted the ‘Mestizo’ option out the census of 2012, reveals the findings published this week.

According to official data of the National Census of Population and Housing 2012, released July 31 by the masist government, 69% of Bolivians say does not belong to any of the 36 indigenous peoples recognized by the Constitution of the State (CPE), in force since 2009.

This result is the reverse of that obtained in the 2001 census, when 62% of the Bolivian people said they belonged to an Indian people of the country.

According masism, the current policy of President Evo Morales, who is Aymara, the Bolivian uninational State would have failed, leaving “refound Bolivia”.

Replacing the uninacional State, the government of MAS (Movement Toward Socialism), the ruling party, managed to establish a plurinational State.

In the new Constitution, the masism included 36 nations of Amerindians and african-Bolivians, and its administration exhibited a speech hostile to Mestizos, miscegenation and mestizaje.

During the debates on the inclusion or not of Mestizo option in the census, Félix Cárdenas, then Deputy Minister of Decolonization, commented, “If we compare with the Aymara, there is a mestizo own territory? There is a mestizo culture itself? There is a mestizo language itself? There is a mestizo religion itself?”

The census aimed to support the image of a plurinational Amerindian Bolivia created by indigenist masism in contrast to the character of national unity associated with the Mestizo and mestizaje.

In opposition to this policy, it was proposed the inclusion of ‘Mestizo’ option too.

The option was not added and in its place the National Statistics Institute (INE), the government agency responsible for the Bolivian census, included the option “do not belong” to anyone who wished to assert that did not belong to no “nation or indigenous people” or was not African-Bolivian.

In 2012, during discussions about the exclusion of option ‘Mestizo’, Mestizo Nation and others issued a note in support of the Bolivian Mestizos.

Despite national and international outcry, the masist government excluded out census of 2012 the Bolivian Mestizo and white categories.

The government tried to justify the exclusion of the option Mestizo stating that it was a racial term and could not be included because there were no races.

Morales says surprised at the low percentage of Amerindians

“I was also surprised, previous data were very different. I do not know if we’re in a decommissioning phase. We are at a stage perhaps greater colonizing mentality”, said President Evo Morales at a press conference in La Paz.

The two most numerous ethnic Amerindians, according to the census, are the Quechua and Aymara.

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