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Why do white indigenistas label mestizos as white?

Mestizos from São Felix do Xingu, in the State of Pará, have been under threat of ethnic cleansing for more than six years, but they resist. They are descended from the original Amerindians, but are labeled as white by indigenist propaganda.

The Russian Government site Sputnik, in its edition for Brazil, is emphatic, the Mestizo people, descended from the original Amerindians of the country and living in a land where the indigenists created  another bantustan, would indeed be white and invaders:

“In the heart of the Amazon, in São Félix do Xingu, Pará, a drama unfolds that is out of the media spotlight: the government has tried for six years without success, to remove invaders that occupy 80% of the Apyterewa Indigenous Land, generating conflicts between whites and Indians. ”

Labeling Mestizos as whites is a common practice among indigenists who aim to introduce the Mestizo people as an invader to expel him from the bantustans created by the indigenists themselves, mostly white. Among the indigenist whites there are missionaries, anthropologists, environmentalists, journalists and politicians, many of them owned or funded by NGOs and governments of the European Union and the USA, mostly administered by whites.

The reason for this: the indigenists are against racial and ethnic mix and mestization.

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